Internal Family Systems

Introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS)
for Eating Disorders:
A one-day training designed for all professionals
who work with eating disorders


Integrating IFS for Dietitians:
Expanding the Toolkit of Behavior Change
An Additional Day for Dietitians

Memphis, TN: November 30 – December 1, 2018 SOLD OUT
Boston, MA: May 3 – 4, 2019 SOLD OUT

Registration here

Workshop Presenters:
• Diana Dugan Richards, RDN, LDN
• Molly Kellogg, LCSW, CEDRD
• Jeanne Catanzaro, PhD


  • Mental Health Professionals, 6 CEUs being applied for.
  • Registered Dietitians: 12 CEUs

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based therapeutic intervention used by a wide range of professionals. It is particularly effective in treating trauma. Employing the IFS model helps the client 1) identify the self-protective function of polarized cognitions regarding eating and resultant eating disorder behaviors; 2) identify and address the emotional and physical triggers driving this internal dialogue particularly the anticipation of loss of control, negative self-evaluations, and self-blaming, self-shaming thoughts; 3) identify the ambivalence behind healthy vs. inappropriate eating patterns, and 4) identify fears and other feelings that arise in response to shifting to healthier choices. There is more information about IFS at

Day One Educational Objectives:

  • Learn the basic concepts of Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy
  • Explain how the IFS model approaches the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating.
  • Recognize the importance of the therapist’s own work to support the process.

The second day is designed specifically for Registered Dietitians. It is a continuation of the first day and does not stand on its own. The concepts and processes of IFS will be examined from a dietitian’s perspective. We will explore the role of the nutrition professional in IFS-oriented treatment. There will be opportunity for practice.

Day Two Educational Objectives:

  • Employ the IFS model in conceptualizing work with clients with disordered eating.
  • Describe the role of the Dietitian in an IFS treatment team.
  • Explore the issues that arise for dietitians who adopt the IFS model.

Suggested pre-workshop reading: Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model, by Richard C. Schwartz.  We highly recommend reading this prior to the workshop if you have had little or no exposure to IFS.

Both days will be interactive with a mix of presentation, group discussion, demonstration and short videos.

Flyers with fees and more details:

Memphis: IFS Introduction-TN-2018
Boston: IFS Introduction-BOS-2019

Dates and registration here.