Author: Molly Kellogg

# 194 It’s Called Behavior Change for a Reason

  Many of our clients come to us with what sound like clear health goals. They may want to eat healthier, get off blood pressure medication, or fuel up for the next marathon. When a client has stated the direction

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#193 Social Media and Nutrition Counseling

  This tip originated in a conversation I had with a couple of participants in my Motivational Interviewing training, and then other colleagues chimed in to add depth. It began as we realized that the recent proliferation of communication platforms

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# 192 When A Client Won’t Set A Goal

  I got a question recently about adapting Motivational Interviewing to other cultures, especially with Hispanic clients in a WIC clinic. The dietitian had noticed that some clients didn’t seem to understand the idea of setting a goal. She asked

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#191 Sometimes We Are Just “Off”

  We all have our ups and downs. Some days we wake up clear-headed and ready to take on the world. Our work flows easily, we feel confident, and we get positive feedback from those around us. And then there

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#190 Committment Talk and Premature Comittment

    Motivational Interviewing is powerful in enhancing motivation to change. This happens when the counselor listens for and brings out preparatory change talk (desire, ability, reasons, and need). When enough of these have been said, the client may naturally

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#189 Motivational Interviewing and Prospective Clients

Is a motivational interview an appropriate process to use when talking with a person who is considering using your services and has not yet decided? To answer this question, let’s look carefully at motivational interviewing.

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#188 Motivational Interviewing and Eating Disorders

Motivational Interviewing was first developed in the addictions field for work with clients who were deeply ambivalent about making changes. Because of the complex nature of disordered eating, our clients are often of two minds about making the changes necessary

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#187 Using MI in Nutrition Sessions or Conducting a Motivational Interview in a Nutrition Context?

  Are you a nutrition counselor and using MI when it seems to fit? If so, your sessions may be more effective than before you learned about MI. They can be even more effective when you make the final shift

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#186 Breath

  We take breathing for granted; it’s there all the time. Even when we’re not paying attention at all, it’s there supporting us. It is one of the few physiological functions that is both involuntary and voluntary — we can

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# 185 Critical Self-Talk

  I was asked recently what to do when we hear clients criticizing themselves. What is a motivational-interviewing-consistent way of addressing this phenomenon?

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