Steps to Counseling Excellence

Motivational Interviewing for practicing
nutrition professionals

Motivational interviewing forms the foundation of this practical program. The focus here is on the basic counseling skills that are essential for quality health behavior counseling.

The program is all on-line and available immediately upon purchase. It can be used by a group together or by individuals in their own time. It is designed for dietitians currently in practice and all examples are from nutrition counseling settings. Dietitians considering beginning outpatient counseling and health professionals providing other types of health counseling or coaching will benefit as well.

Here’s what Dawn Clifford, PhD, RD, Author of Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Fitness has to say…

While the practice of MI has been around for decades, educators in the field of dietetics have only just begun to teach students and interns these important skills. More learning opportunities are needed for dietitians to become proficient in these import counseling techniques, especially for practitioners far removed from their educational experience. The Steps to Counseling Excellence program serves this need by supporting skill development in an interactive and engaging fashion.

Mastering the skills of MI requires extensive training and practice. This course supports practitioners in becoming better trained in MI.

…and Wendy Wyatt, RDN, LD, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, said…

One of the best, most useful CEs I have ever completed!! Thank you!!

The Program includes Eleven units, each with:

  • an audio podcast (MP3) or video option(MP4)
  • notes to follow along
  • a practical article (pdf)
  • additional handouts and references

Suggestions are provided for group discussion and individual practice. It is expected that this program will be accessed over many weeks, rather than all at once. Practicing one or a few skills at a time is the most effective way to advance overall competence.

This program provides 6 Continuing Education Credits for Registered Dietitians. A certificate is issued after the RD practices the skills for at least two weeks and responds to questions by e-mail.

Learning Objectives:

  • 9.6.3 Determines the customers expectations and aspirations and manages situations wherein these expectations cannot be met.
  • 9.6.4 Assesses customers readiness to change when applying specific counseling strategies.
  • 9.6.5 In collaboration with the customer, develops counseling or coaching goals.
  • 9.6.6 Assists with resolution of barriers to achieving counseling and coaching goals.


  • Engaging the Client (14 – minute podcast)

The Basics: OARS

  • Open-ended questioning (11 – minute podcast)
  • Affirming (17 – minute podcast)
  • Reflecting (17 – minute podcast)
  • Summarizing (11 – minute podcast)


  • Behavior change and resistance to change (18 – minute podcast)

When it’s time to provide advice:

Attending to the client:

  • What is important to the client? (11 – minute podcast)
  • Working with confidence to change (11 – minute podcast)
  • Listening for change talk (14 – minute podcast)

Putting it all together:

  •  (17 – minute podcast)

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If you are a graduate of the Counseling Intensive or have purchased at least five of my webinars in the past, you are eligible for a discount. E-mail Susan for details.

Groups: If three or more wish to purchase together each of you will only pay $172 (a 20% discount). To take advantage of this offer, call Susan at 352-382-2393 between 9 and 3 (Eastern Time) to provide your credit card information.