Counseling Intensive for Nutrition Professionals

Molly Kellogg’s Counseling Intensive™
for Nutrition Professionals

Now being offered as a live virtual course

Dates and Registration here

  1. Pre-workshop: On-line program based on motivational interviewing to be completed prior to the workshop. Details on this program here. You must register and begin this program at least 4 weeks prior to the workshop.*
  2. Two-day Workshop (9 AM – 4:30 PM each day): Highly interactive, small group workshop. A mix of presentation, practice with partners, group discussion, demonstration and short videos of counseling sessions. Time for questions and help with tough cases.
  3. Post workshop conference call: one-hour call one month after workshop to share successes and struggles and to ask more questions.

One fee ($515) includes:

  • On-line program (Steps to Counseling Excellence)
  • Two-day Workshop
  • Breakfast and lunch both days
  • Follow up conference call
  • Practice Workbook, Vol. 1**
  • 18 – 24 CPE credits for Registered Dietitians & DTRs.

Click for a more detailed content outline of the Counseling Intensive.

* For those who have completed the Steps to Counseling Excellence program prior to registering for the Intensive or who have attended the Intensive in the past, this registration deadline does not apply.

** If you already have a copy of the Practice Workbook, Vol. 1 and don’t want to pass the extra one on to a colleague, put a note in the comments section when you register and we will credit your credit card for $20. Or ask us to send you Volume 2 or 3 instead.


  • Your fee is only $355 if you purchased the Steps to Counseling Excellence Program previously.
  • 10% discount for groups of 3 or more.
  • $50 discount for professors and trainers when you purchase the “Toolbox for Nutrition Counseling Education” or “Step-by-Step” Program for Dietetic Interns or WIC staff.

E-mail or call Susan at 352-382-2393 to register with one of these discounts.
Counseling Intensive “graduates” go to your special page to register.

Payment Plan:

Three monthly payments of $177 each. The first will be charged to your credit card when you register. The second payment will be charged to your card one month later. The third payment will be charged 2 months later. Register using this plan by emailing Susan.

Printable Program Brochure

Can’t attend in person at this time? Check out the the Steps Program

People are saying ….

“I have been to several Motivational Interviewing conferences or one-hour talks about MI within conferences, but your approach had much more impact. It could be that because you are a dietitian, you truly understand where we’re coming from. I also feel that the practice of one technique at a time, drove home the practice more effectively. Then on the second day, bringing it all together. Trying to do it all at once when you’re first learning about MI is too overwhelming and makes it easy to fall back into old counseling behaviors.

I also must say that I have never felt so respected as a nutrition professional – and I’ve been to a whole lot of conferences in my 30 years! The atmosphere you create really lends itself to self-growth, empowerment, learning and the desire and tools to improve counseling skills.

I have to admit that I was a bit concerned about paying such a price for a conference, but with your reputation and the proximity, I may not get a chance to do this again. I was so happy and have told the RDs here that if they’ve ever thought about attending one of your intensives, that it is worth every penny!

The whole weekend exceeded my expectations. Thank you so very much!”

Sheila Sedig, MPH, MS, RD

“My counseling skills, and confidence in my skills have increased tenfold at least. It has made my job so much EASIER, now that I know how to motivate clients using these techniques. Before the workshop, I thought that because I had seen Molly’s videos and practiced these techniques in school that the workshop might be overkill, but it was completely the opposite. I gained many new skills over just 2 days and it has really paid off in my individual sessions!”

Molly Hegarty, MS, RD

“This was one of the most useful trainings I’ve attended and have already started to notice a difference in my interactions with patients. This will make a great impact on my ability to empower patients for behavior change. Thank you for your graceful, composed, and compassionate manner of teaching that made learning from you so easy.”

Lucy Gettle, RD

“Your presence and teaching style was incredible. I felt at ease, and able to practice in an environment without judgement. It also gave me the re-invigoration I needed.”

Amy R. Gelfand MS RD CNSC

Dates and Registration here